Students trying to get proper space – an opportunity for danish companies?



Not so long ago, I paid a visit to one of the many small communities that students have created in order to have a place to go to as they do their final dissertation at the university. As of now there are about 8.000 students working on their master-thesis (specialestuderende) in Copenhagen and only 7-10% of them can get a space to work in during the 6-12 months they are working on their masters. The room is about 20 m2 and a group of six students are sharing this space. They’ve each brought a table and a chair. There’s a window at the far end of the room placed just inches above eye-level so there’s no view. A few posters and the other students constitutes inspiration and motivation. Is this how we help the next generation of knowledge-workers and innovators thrive and deliver their best to Denmark?