Customer Made


These days companies are doing all they can to get their customers involved in co-creating their products.

CUSTOMER-MADE: “The phenomenon of corporations creating goods, services and experiences in close cooperation with experienced and creative consumers, tapping into their intellectual capital, and in exchange giving them a direct say in (and rewarding them for) what actually gets produced, manufactured, developed, designed, serviced, or processed.”

Companies that have tried this successfully include MasterCard with their “Priceless Campaign”, L´Oreal´s “You Make the Commercial” and our very own Danish Lego.

Why are we so interested in letting corporations pick our brain for good ideas? Here is a few ideas…

Status: people love to be seen, love to show off their creative skills and thinking

Bespoke lifestyle: something consumers have been personally involved in should guarantee goods, services and experiences that are tailored to their needs.

Employment: in an almost ironic twist, CUSTOMER-MADE is turning out to be a great vehicle for finding employment, as it helps companies recruit their next in-house designer, guerrilla advertising agency or brilliant strategist.

Does this mean companies are letting us the customers have the overall say in what we would like to see them produce…? Not really because there is not much customization and personalization in this method because the company decides the framework of the co-creation and they also only allow some parts of their products to be co-created by us.

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